Auguri a tutte le donne!

BY villatoscana

8th March is Festa della Donna in Italy

We are proud to be a completely female team here at Villa Toscana Srl and would like to celebrate “Festa della Donna” and send our best wishes to all women around the globe


Now known as International Women’s Day, earliest references to this festival originate in New York. Some say the day was set as long ago as 1857, to commemorate the women that died when their factory was set on fire while they were protesting against their poor working conditions.

Other historical dates and events worldwide began to take place in the early 1900s, often on or near 8th March. This was an era of suffragettes and increasing awareness of women’s rights. Even today women in different parts of the world fight for equality.

In Italy it is traditional to give a sprig of mimosa flowers to all women on this day. If you visit Italy in March you will notice the distinctive “fluffy” yellow flowers and feather-like leaves in shops and florists. You may also find cakes and even cocktails named after the mimosa.

This beautiful tree is very common in Tuscany, you will spot it in many gardens as you explore the area.

The flowers have a very strong perfume so you only need a small sprig to fill your home with this lovely scent.


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